What is the Google family link app?

Google family link app

What is the Google family link app?

It is an application from Google that provides parents with control over their children’s devices in addition to filtering and controlling the content they use on their smartphones. The Google family link application can be used to control devices of up to 5 children in one family, if the child has more than one device, they can be controlled together As long as they are both registered with the same account, and more than one admin can be added to the family and control their authority so that the father and mother can use it together to control the children’s devices.

How to use the Family link app?

Download the Google Family Link app for parents on your phone, the parent app supports Android 5 devices and above and IOS 11 and above, then download the Google Family Link app for children and teens on the son’s phone, and it supports Android devices 5 and above, while ios devices do not support all the features, only control apps Google is like YouTube, if the child does not have a Google account, a Google account associated with your account will be created to use on the child’s device.

After downloading and completing the steps, you will be able to control your son’s device and all the settings will appear to you

A tour of the Family Link application and a review of its features

When you open the Google Family Link parent app on the home screen, and tap the three dots at the top right or left, you’ll find several useful options:

The family group through which you will see the children and supervisors.
A list of requests for approval of uploads, which we will discuss later.
The parental access code is a code that does not require an internet connection, and the code can be used to manually unlock the phone.
Notification settings that you will receive as a cap from the application.
Tips and help.
After we click on View for the son’s account and our first option is to manage settings, from here it is possible to control many, but not all, settings, let’s take a look at them.

1- Filters for Google Apps

Google Play Store

There are many options to control the Google Play Store via the Family link app, first: agree to download apps, and there are four options

Approval of downloads in Google Family Link

1- All content must be approved, so the son will not be able to download any application without the consent of the parent
2- Approval of payments only, which will require approval when the son wants to purchase an application or game from the Google Play Store, the payment will be via the family payment method – for example, your bank card –
3- Approval of in-app purchases, which will require approval when the son wants to make in-app payments, for example, charging the seasons in Peggy.
4- Approval is not required, and it will enable the son to download and purchase applications as he wishes without approval or restrictions

2- Content Restrictions in Google Play

We will find four categories: applications and games, movies, books, music. What matters to us is applications. When you enter them, you will be able to control the applications that will appear to your son and will be able to download them, and they carry several options according to the age group, for example, allowing access to resident applications that they are for those who have reached 7 years or more and so on.

The same options will be found in other categories such as books, and the restrictions can be selected for each category separately.

Google Chrome

There are three options to control the sites that the son can browse through Google Chrome, 1- Allow all sites 2- Try to block websites that contain adult content, which is supposed to prevent access to porn sites, for example, and you can add blocked sites manually, 3- Allow sites Certain sites only, and from them you will specify the sites that you want your son to browse on his phone, for example, educational sites.

Google search

We have one option to control Google search which is Safe Search, it does not work perfectly and you may see results that you don’t want your kid to see.


The Google Family link app provides one option to restrict YouTube content, which is the Restricted Mode. This mode is supposed to help block adult content and also hide comments on all videos.

Setting limits on the use of apps

After we finish we will find a list of “applications compatible with Android” when we open it we will find the time of the son’s use of the phone with the ability to see the average weekly and monthly use, then there is a list of the most used applications with the time of use for each application, next to each application there is an icon with four options to control the application restriction delusion:

1- Unlimited The son can use the application without limits during the time when his phone is open, but when it is closed, he will not be able to access it.
2- Always allow, like the first option, but the difference is that the application will be used even at bedtime, and the time of its use will not be calculated from the daily limit.
3- Set the allowed daily limit, from which you can specify a specific time for this application, after which the son will not be able to use it.
4- Ban, which will completely ban the application from the son’s phone and he will not be able to access it or see it in the Google Play Store.
To set these limits, an Internet connection will be required, but then they will apply even if both phones are not connected to the Internet, and the same applies to bedtime and phone use limits.

Knowing and tracking the location of the son

From the “geographical location” option, the father can turn on the child’s geographical location, so that he can see his current location, and record all the places he visited while carrying his phone with him, which makes it easier for parents to check on their children.

Other settings

After the geographical location list, we will find two menus that do not have many options, the first is the account information, which shows the son’s account name and email, and the other menu is account supervision enables you to see what you can control and stop supervising the son’s phone when you do this you will not be able to Control anything or see any data and you will have to connect the device again as you connected it the first time if you want to do this.

control logins

After the account supervision menu, we will find a list of more of them. Two options will appear. The first is the login controls, which will enable you to choose if your son will need your approval when logging in with a Google account on a site or application, for example, and the second option is the privacy settings in which you will find Some privacy settings are best left as is.

It should be noted that these settings will not work

After exiting the settings management menu, the home page will appear. We will find a map showing the location of the son if the location option is enabled, then we will find the time of use and the time of each application as in the first list that we mentioned.

son’s phone lock

Then we will find an option that enables you to lock or unlock the son’s phone with the press of a button and it works from anywhere like all the settings mentioned.

Limit phone use

Then we will find the daily limit list, from which we will be able to create a daily limit for using the phone, after which it will be closed and the son will not be able to access it except with the code assigned to the parents or the password of the father’s Google account, when the phone is locked, the son will be able to make calls from his phone.

A limit can be set for all days of the week, for specific days, or for each day individually.

bed time

Then we will find a list of the daily usage limit and bedtime. Bedtime is a feature that enables parents to choose a time for their children to sleep and wake up time, during that period the device will be turned off like the daily limit feature.

After that, we will see a list of the installed updates during the last 7 days, and when we click on any of the applications, we will see information about it and we will be able to disallow it directly, but when we click on more, we will see the list of applications and phone usage.

Play a sound to know the location of the son’s phone and other settings

After that, the devices on which the son is logged in will appear and their status, with the ability to play a sound to find out the location of the device, and the settings will provide us with several options.

Adding or removing a user When turned on, the son will not be able to modify users on his phone.

Applications from unknown sources and when turned on, the child will be able to download applications from outside the Google Play Store and install APK packages.
Developer options and when activated, the son will be able to activate and operate the developer settings.
Location settings It will enable you to choose the location accuracy if you have the geo-location feature enabled.
App permissions and here it will show you all the existing permissions when you choose any permission, let it be the camera, another page will appear with several options, first choose who can manage this permission, meaning who can allow applications to access this permission, either the parents only or the son and the parents, then we will see List of all applications with the ability to choose whether or not to allow access to this permission for any application installed on the device.