Download Call Recorder 2021

Download Call Recorder 2021

Many users are searching for the latest call recording program 2021 for Huawei and Samsung phones and most Android devices, and as it is known, the applications available on the Play Store are many and randomly taking over pure words without benefit.

There are also some call recording programs that do not support some versions of Android or are not compatible with mobile replays due to a modification to the default interface of Android.

Reasons to use the call recorder on the mobile

I often communicate with some voice messages, which are recorded calls that include instructions or tips in some events or occasions, and I also use it to record voice phone numbers or important information to return to easily.

  • Save conversations with information to remember
  • Record anonymous calls
  • Recording calls includes numbers or personal data.
  • Recording calls that include advice or a lesson
  • Recording calls that include an alert or a threat to raise awareness

In recent years, YouTube channels, WhatsApp groups, and Facebook pages have appeared that include recorded calls for personal family conversations or obscene talk, as a result of the abuse of call recorder applications on mobile.

  • Recording calls for threats and extortion
  • Recording conversations for defamation
  • Recording unethical conversations and posting them to YouTube
  • Recording secrets include private information and publishing it on WhatsApp
  • Best call recording apps for Android 2021

Many highly professional call recording programs offer their services for free, but others offer these features for free and are available with all features, and I have a long experience in using the call recorder.

Automatic Call Recorder

It is the most popular Android phone and works without problems on Huawei and Samsung phones and all Chinese phones such as Oppo and Xiaomi.

The number of automatic call recorder users is estimated to be more than 100 million users around the world, but the disadvantage is that it is only available for Android devices.

The call recorder service automatically provides some appropriate settings, while providing the feature of blocking some numbers or recording only some numbers or all numbers.

After the call recorder, you can save it individually to another file or SD memory, or it will be removed after a period of time if it is automatically saved, so you have to save the important conversations manually.

The program supports storing recordings on a cloud storage service such as DropBox or Google Drive or syncing old recordings.

Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder is one of the most prominent applications for recording incoming and outgoing calls on the Android mobile phone, and it is available directly on the Play Store.

It has many specifications, including saving the recordings with the name of the phone number, and they can also be arranged by date or name, in addition to the feature of locking recordings with a secret number.

Call Recorder ICR provides two formats for storing calls, which are MP3 or 3GP, and old recordings are deleted automatically if they are not saved manually.

Call Recorder – Automatic

Another of the free call recorder applications is characterized by multiple features, and it is a very popular application on the Play Store and the number of users exceeds 10 million, and it has been evaluated and commented on in the Play store by nearly 250 thousand likes.

The program can record incoming and outgoing calls automatically as soon as the call starts and it works well on Huawei and Samsung phones, as well as the rest of the Chinese phones.

It also arranges recordings by date or name and works to save conversations with the names or phone numbers in the phone book.

It is very important to manually save the recorded calls to another file inside the phone to ensure that it is not automatically deleted.

Call Recorder – Cube ACR:

An application that comes with the same number of users as the previous applications with more than 50 million around the world, and although it provides a recording of regular calls, it was developed to deal with all conversation applications.

It is available on the Play Store and can be downloaded directly

Supports automatic call recording and saving

Supports recording calls of WhatsApp, Fire, Skype, and other applications

It works on all Chinese phones, especially Xiaomi, Huawei, and even Samsung

Recordings can be stored on cloud servers like Dropbox or Google Drive

High accuracy in recording calls automatically and without problems

Automatic call recorder features

By this I mean the first program in the previous list, Automatic Call Recorder, to use the program over a long period and without problems.

The program deserves 5 stars to support it with many exclusive features, and these are its most prominent features.

The most popular ever in the Play Store
It works on Samsung, Huawei, and other Android devices
Automatically records calls
It automatically saves the recordings in the name of the owner of the number
Sync can be done on DropBox or Google Drive
Possibility to change the path of saving recordings on the mobile
Marking on outgoing calls with a green and blue arrow
It is possible to specify the inclusion or exclusion of numbers from a record