Realme C25s pros and cons

Realme C25s pros and cons

Realme C25s Screen Experience

The screen offers a size of 6.5 inches and a resolution of HD, with an IPS type and a brightness of 480nits.

As for the actual screen experience, it is very distinctive in its price category as colors and experience, but unfortunately, this experience always lacks screen resolution. We were hoping that FHD resolution would be presented due to the lack of the required sharpness in images and content, and also all competitors now offer FHD screens.

The phone also misses the high-frequency feature, which is present in a number of competitors as well, so the screen provided a pleasant color experience, but it lacks high accuracy and high frequency.

The Smooth Scrolling feature is available in the Labs Realme section, which, as Realme says, gives you a feeling of smoothness while browsing as compensation for the missing high-frequency feature here, but when I tried it, I did not feel any difference or smoothness in use, as Realme says.

There is also the possibility of adjusting the screen colors to suit your use and comfort, in addition to the presence of an eye protection mode.

As for the dark mode, it allows you to have many advantages such as the degree of black color, forcing applications to dark mode, in addition to the ability to activate it automatically at a specific time that is pre-determined.

Nothing new in the design of Realme C25s

The differences between Realme devices in the C series do not receive huge development, and here in the S version, it is a simple improved version of the C25 not a completely new phone, so the design here is similar to its brother Realme C25.

We see a full body of plastic with a rough texture with an inscription on the back of the phone to give a strong feel and grip, and the phone comes with a weight of 206 grams and a thickness of 9.6 mm and is considered one of the largest phones in this price category and is not suitable for owners of small hands.

On the back, we find the camera box on the left, in the middle of the phone, is the fingerprint, and on the front is the traditional design with a waterdrop notch.

camera experience


48 MP primary camera, f/1.8. lens slot
2-megapixel micro camera
And finally, a 2-megapixel isolation camera
Video shooting up to FHD resolution

actual experience

The experience of cameras in this price category does not offer anything impressive, and the same applies to Realme C25s in cameras, you will find its superiority in some circumstances and some points and its weakness in other points such as competitors.

One of the points of distinction here is the processing of images and colors, if you choose the appropriate lighting, you will find very good colors and distinctive details, unlike the Redmi 10 phone, which has strong hardware, but the image processing is poor and offers faded colors.

Moving to the Dynamic Range, the experience was average and not the best, in addition to the presence of a Chroma Boost mode that increases color tones, and this mode is suitable for lovers of bright colors and far from reality, I do not recommend activating this mode in night photography and weak lighting because it gives very bad results.

Moving to night photography, the experience was also not impressive, and the results were normal, and you can use the Night Mode feature to improve the experience a little.

The bottom line here is that the camera experience was good, it did not provide a strong advantage over competitors, but it is on the same level as other phones in the same price category, which did not provide anything impressive in the cameras or a strong shift in photography, so choose the right camera for you according to the features that excel It has every camera, whether details, colors or night photography.

Experience different sounds and features

We come back again with the shortcomings of this phone with a single mono speaker and not a stereo, but the speaker offers a good sound and not bad at all, but the experience of stereo headphones was required, especially in the consumption of the phone in watching content greatly.

One of the nice additions is when you play a sound from a specific application, for example, YouTube Music, it will be installed in the alerts, and from there you can change the sound output, for example, you can change the sound output from your phone or headset without having to remove it and so on.

There is also another feature in Labs Realme that allows you to play audio through two headphones at the same time (a wired headset and a wireless headset for example), which allows you to listen to songs or movies, for example, you and your friend at the same time with two different speakers.

Headset for calls and networks

By moving to the headset and the mic, they provided me with excellent and unmistakable performance, but the phone is missing an additional mic for noise isolation.

Realme here offers a real proximity sensor and it works very well in calls and has no problems, the phone also supports the installation of two SIM cards and a separate memory card.

The networking experience was distinctive and there were no problems, which is normal for Realme and Oppo devices.

You should also know that the phone uses the Google application for calls, and it must inform the other party when recording calls.

Performance and gaming experience


  • MediaTek Helio G85 processor
  • 64 or 128 UFS 2.1 internal storage space
  • The phone on Antutu benchmarks gives about 210 thousand points

actual experience

The processor here is the only new point from its previous brother Realme C25, to provide daily performance and in games a little better, and here in the gaming experience was good. You can play PUBG and COD on medium or low settings well.

Moving on to the general phone performance and navigation, the experience was good, but with my observation of a clear weight in the interface of Realme and Oppo recently in more than one phone, do not get me wrong, there are no lags, but the navigation is not fast as required compared to my experience with the Redmi 10 phone, for example.

Battery and safety factors

The phone offers a giant 6000 mAh battery, which gives you about 10 hours of screen time, with an 18W charger that charges the phone in about 3 hours.

The fingerprint on the back of the phone works quickly and accurately, in addition to the face print, which is the fastest in its price category.

Interface and software

The phone comes with Android 11 with Realme UI 2.0 interface

The experience, as I mentioned above, has become noticeably heavier in the Realme and Oppo interface recently, but the interface contains very good features.

Like the App Cloner feature to make two copies of the same app.

The customization feature, which helps you to change the appearance of icons without the need to download icon Packs, in addition to controlling their size, the shape of the shortcuts in the notification bar, and the colors of the interface.

The interface has a Private Folder feature, which gives you the ability to hide whatever files you want inside and lock them with your fingerprint or password.

It also has a second space that you can assign to children and select specific apps within it.

In addition to the possibility of using your fingerprint or password to lock applications.

Another good feature is the Side Bar, which makes it easy for you to quickly access shortcuts to apps with a simple swipe on the side of the screen.

Plugins and Sensors

  • The phone supports OTG
  • Support for FM radio
  • There is also support for reverse charging
  • Notification light missing
  • No NFC
  • Absence of an IR sensor
  • There is a gyroscope sensor
  • compass
  • acceleration
  • rapprochement
  • light
  • Box contents
  • silicone pouch
  • Screen protection on the phone screen
  • 18W charger
  • USB Type C
  • No earphone
  • Conclusion in Realme C25s Experience

The review shows us that the phone is a copy of its previous brother, but with minor improvements in the processor, and this does not indicate that the phone is bad. The Realme C25 phone was a good and very acceptable phone at the time of its launch, but now there is a new competitor in the market, which is Xiaomi Redmi 10.

In particular, the price of the new Realme C25s is 2,900 pounds, which is more expensive by 100 pounds than the 64 GB version of Redmi 10.

Redmi 10 generally outperforms in performance, higher screen frequency, and stereo sound.

But Realme C25s excels in screen quality and colors, in addition to color processing also in the camera and the larger battery, but it still lacks a wide-angle camera and stereo speakers and some of the shortcomings that exist in its closest competitors, so the Redmi 10 phone is considered a more integrated and a better choice, and the C25s is a good alternative after Redmi 10 for those who do not want a phone from Xiaomi.