Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 review

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung announced the new smart watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, which is the strongest competitor to the Apple Watch.

the design

The watch comes with a distinctive design with a black bar on the screen with a small space used to move between applications. The watch is made of aluminum and comfortable silicone bracelets. The watch is available in silver, gold, and pink colors. The bracelets are available in black and light brown. The watch comes in two versions, the first size is 40 mm and the second is 44 mm.

the screen

The screen comes off the best type AMOLED, with a size of 1.2 inches for the first version, 40 mm, and a size of 1.4 inches for the second version, 44 mm, and the screen comes with a resolution of 360 * 360 pixels.

memory and ram

The watch comes with an internal memory of 4 GB with a RAM capacity of 768 MB.

processor and performance

The watch comes with a Samsung Exynos 9110 dual-core processor, and the processor provides powerful and distinctive performance in all tasks of the watch.

the battery

The watch comes with a battery with a capacity of 247 mAh for the first version, 40 mm, and a capacity of 340 mAh for the second version, 44 mm, and the battery provides a distinguished performance from two to three days.

the system

The watch comes with the Tizen operating system with a new custom operating interface, and you can design an interface for the watch through the My Style feature in the system and the new operating interface.

The watch is compatible with Android and IOS systems and also supports the Find My iPhone function.


The watch supports WiFi and Bluetooth, while also supporting GPS.

The watch supports the NFC feature for quick navigation and also supports listening to the Spotify application without the need for an Internet.

The watch supports watching YouTube videos with ease.