Samsung Galaxy M12 Review

Samsung Galaxy M12

A review of the Samsung Galaxy M12 Review, in which you will know everything about this phone in terms of specifications, advantages and disadvantages, as well as its price in boring detail, so the company collected the features that most people need in the economic category and presented them to you, which is an update of the Samsung Galaxy M11 phone version.

the design

Samsung Galaxy M12 design

The design of the phone is made of plastic, and it is similar to the design of the Samsung Galaxy A12 Review from last year, but the cameras have been improved and a new charging architecture has been added to the phone, in addition to the important part, which is the processor. The phone will be available in last year’s colors, which are black, blue and green.

the screen

Samsung Galaxy M12 screen

The Samsung Galaxy M12 screen is different in this category, as it is superior to competitors in the part of the screen refresh rate, which is 90Hz. As for its type, it is IPS, and most of the category is of the same type, but the thing that is lower than the competitors is that the screen resolution is HD +, meaning that you are the highest quality you can watch in it. Videos or games are 720p.


Samsung Galaxy M12 camera

The back of the phone has a quad-camera window in addition to a single LED flash.

You will get a 48MP main camera.
The second camera is an ultra-wide 8-megapixel camera, so you can take pictures with a field of view of 123 degrees.
The third camera is for isolation photography while capturing the portrait, and its accuracy is 5 megapixel.
The last camera is for shooting macro and close-up objects, and its accuracy is 2 megapixel.
For the selfie camera and video calls, you will get an 8-megapixel camera inside the drop notch.

the performance

Samsung M12 performance

The processor in the Samsung M12 is Exynos 850 Soc and it comes with the Android 11 operating system with the Based One UI 3.1 interface, which is a watered-down that you will not find all the features found in leading Samsung phones.

There is only one speaker and this type is called mono and not stereo like competitors in this price category.

But the phone supports a 3.5 mm port for wired headphones.

the battery

Galaxy M12 battery

The phone battery is very large, its size is 6000 mAh, and you can charge it with a Type-C cable with a charging capacity of 15 watts, and this battery enables you to operate the phone.

Browse the web using the internet for 24 hours.
Playing videos for 23 hours continuously.
Playing music for about 5 days.
Samsung Galaxy M12 price
The phone will be available in two versions in Egypt and Arab countries.

64 GB version of internal storage and 4 GB RAM at a price = 2,600 Egyptian pounds.
128 GB version of internal storage and 6 GB RAM at a price = 3200 Egyptian pounds.

Galaxy M12 features and disadvantages


It can capture 1080p videos at 30 frames per second.
The performance of the cameras is satisfactory and is considered the best in this price category so far.
You can play games at a 90Hz screen refresh rate.
The battery is large enough to use for more than a day, but it takes a long time to charge.
The fingerprint built into the power button is one of the fastest in existence.


The screen resolution is HD+, not FHD+ like the competitors.
The processor in the phone is suitable for use, but there are phones that have a more powerful processor.
The phone does not come with it in the headset box or a case to protect the back of the phone, and this is strange for Samsung.
The weight of the phone is a bit heavy due to the large battery in it.
It does not support NFC, unlike the previous generation of the phone in the year 2020.
Manufacturing materials are plastic, but we do not expect more than this in this price category.