Samsung Galaxy M51 Review

Samsung Galaxy M51

Samsung decided to break into the middle class and take the top spot in this category, targeting the youth group that is looking for value for money to offer its new Samsung M51 phone.

To be a very fierce competitor for the kings of this middle class, such as Realme and Xiaomi, but Samsung had a different opinion and decided to download a new phone from the M series to control sales in this category. The M51 phone is not the first phone of this series, but another phone company issued the most famous of them M31.

And if you are looking for an explicit answer, if you are looking for it is the best M51 or A71, we recommend buying the M51 for sure without effort in the search and questions, and we will learn more in the Samsung Galaxy M51 review about the specifications, advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung M51 phone and whether its price is suitable for the capabilities or not.

the design :

design m51

Samsung always does not give much importance to the design of the phone under the 10 thousand category, the M51 phone comes from plastic, the feel of the phone is not suitable, and the back of the phone is made of glossy plastic, in which wounds and scratches appear very easily.

From the point of view of the Mobtech website, the design of the phone is a deaf design without any decoration, discussions or distinctive colors that give a good touch to the phone

And the locations of the power button and the fingerprint are relatively high, not suitable for the regular phone grip, so you have to adjust the position of your hand relatively to press the power button or the fingerprint.

the screen

screen m51

The phone screen is the real distinction in this phone due to its 6.7-inch footprint, Super AMOLED plus technology, and HDR as well.

The only drawback is that the phone screen is not 90 Hz. If you use 90 Hz screens in browsing and games, you will notice a difference between it and the Samsung M51 screen, but until now, there is no phone screen at the same price that gives a Super AMOLED with 90 Hz.

The phone screen has very few edges that are almost non-existent, with a hole in the middle for the camera, and the screen colors are saturated. From our point of view, the quality of the screen for the price is excellent and not very good.


camera m51

The M51 phone’s camera is no different from the A71’s camera. where you come up with

A primary 64-megapixel camera with an F / 1.8 lens slot that gives sharp images with distinct and clear colors, and the image processing is very distinctive and different from any phone in this price category.

A 12-megapixel camera for wide photography with an F / 2.2 lens slot, and literally this camera gives wide images with wonderful processing that shows the details of the image.

A 5-megapixel camera for microphotography with an F / 2.4 lens slot and is considered the best camera that shows details in this category.

5-megapixel camera for isolation, with an F / 2.4 lens slot, and it is considered irrelevant. There are phones without an isolation camera. The image appears cut and isolated more professionally than the phones with an isolation camera.

A 32-megapixel selfie camera that shows very distinct details and colors, and it is the secret of the success of most cameras, which is the clarity and appearance of colors.

Videos: You can shoot 4K videos at a frequency of 30 FPS for the front and rear camera, with an electronic stabilizer to prevent vibrations, and a microphone to isolate noise during filming.

the performance

performance m51

The performance of the phone is fast and distinctive, and the user interfaces One UI has become more smooth, and it comes with a Snapdragon 730G processor, which is a powerful processor in this category, in addition to 8 GB RAM and 128 internal space.

As for the performance of the processor in games, it is distinguished without any overheating. You can play the PUBG game on High HD settings and the Call of Duty game on Very High settings.


m51 battery

The phone battery is the most propaganda thing since it comes with a size of 7000 mAh, which is a very huge number and is able to operate 11 hours of the open screen, and if your use is average, the phone will continue to work with you for two days.

Type c charger with a capacity of 25 watts and capable of charging this huge battery in only 1 hour and 45 minutes. Which is very acceptable given the large size of the battery.


The price of the phone is 6666 Egyptian pounds for a copy of 128 GB and 8 GB RAM, and its price is expected to drop after a month in the sales outlets, and you can know the price in all other countries in the price and specifications from here (the price and specifications of the Samsung M51 phone)

Features and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy M51


Super AMOLED screen with support for HDR with small bezels and saturated colors
A very huge 7000 mAh battery, which is the highest in this category without any competition
High performance due to the addition of Snapdragon 730G in the phone
A quad camera that captures high-resolution images and excellent image processing to show saturated colors


Less than the normal design from Samsung, there is no luxury that attracts you to it. You may find this design in the 2000 EGP phones
Fingerprint locations are integrated with the power button and are relatively elevated
It takes a long time to charge due to the large size of the battery