Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Review

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi, which has achieved great success in the recent period, has officially launched 17 phones around the world since the beginning of 2021 until the month of March 3, and Xiaomi has become the third globally in sales of phones after Samsung and Apple, and we expect that by the end of this year If companies do not develop more phones and provide value for money, we expect Xiaomi to rank first in the world.

the design

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra design
The dazzling thing about the phone is not its specifications or the rear camera only, but there is something new, which is the materials for manufacturing the back of the phone, which are ceramic and available in black and white currently, and the phone is anti-dust and water. You can immerse it in water under 1.5 meters for 30 minutes without it happening Something with IP68 certification (this feature is new in Xiaomi phones and the first two phones are Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro).

the screen

xiaomi mi 11 ultra screen
The AMOLED screen of the mobile phone is excellent, but it is present in most phones. We will not find anything different from the island, such as the specifications of the phone in it. The screen size is 6.81 inches with a resolution of 1440p, which means that it is of QHD + quality and has a refresh rate of 120Hz. The problem with the screen is that it is not adaptable to applications automatically and set manually.

The screen is excellent in performance, as Xiaomi has developed its screens with the help of Samsung. It supports HDR10+ technology and Dolby Vision support. The brightness is equal to 900 nits (lumens) in normal use, and the highest brightness of the phone is 1700 nits.

On the back of the phone there is a secondary screen, which is the new invention of Xiaomi in this phone, which makes it unique and different from existing phones. It has Always On Mode, which displays all notifications and the clock, and it also works with the main rear camera. If you want to take a selfie with the back camera.


Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra camera
Of course, you will ask yourself why the regular Mi 11 comes with a 108-megapixel main camera and this phone the primary camera is only 50 mega-pixels, the answer is that this is a new architecture from Xiaomi in cooperation with Samsung.

The main phone camera comes with a sensor from Samsung, which is Samsung GN2, and it is the largest sensor ever used in mobile phones, as it has a accuracy of 50 mega pixel and contains the largest number of pixels, and it also has an optical image stabilization OIS and enables you to improve image accuracy Auto, and the ability to shoot in HDR mode using Smart ISO Pro technology.
As for the second camera, it is a zoom and zoom lens that enables you to make optical zoom at 5 times the real zoom, and 10 times the zoom using software, and the sensor in it is IMX586, its accuracy is 48 mega pixel.

The last camera is for wide photography, but it is a little different, as its wide range is very large. It contains a lens that enables you to shoot 180 degrees, and it has an IMX586 sensor as well, and its accuracy is 48 megapixels, and it has autofocus.
The specifications of the phone make you use three cameras at the same time using ISP technology, and the three cameras have night photography technology and enables you to shoot videos in 8K resolution, and it also contains optical stabilization while shooting.

The selfie camera comes with a 20-megapixel camera with an F / 2.2 lens slot.

the performance

Mi 11 Ultra performance
Mi 11 Ultra phone and it deserves this name especially because it has put all the powerful things in it from a processor and an excellent screen and choosing among these things that distinguishes we will choose the camera as the most powerful thing in it so far.

The phone’s processor will be the most powerful processor from Qualcomm so far, the Snapdragon 888 with 5 nanometer manufacturing technology, which is the global name of the Xiaomi Redmi K40 Pro + phone.

We did not expect anything less from this most powerful processor so far for this phone, as Xiaomi stated that it has added a new cooling system for this processor to work in its best condition, and 8/12 GB RAM of LPDDR5 type and an internal storage space of 256/512 GB of UFS 3.1 type .

The audio in the phone is a stereo, developed by Harman Kardon and certified by Hi-Res Audio, and it has Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi 6E, supports NFC digital payment technology and an IR blaster control sensor.

Unfortunately, the 3.5 mm port for wired headphones has been dispensed with.

the battery

Mi 11 Ultra battery
A new architecture has also been added in the battery, which gives it more density and higher energy in the same old thickness of the battery. The battery in the Mi 11 Ultra mobile is one of the strong features, its size is 5000 mAh, and this we found in some phones, but the difference now is that the charging capacity of this battery is 67 watts and works with wired and wireless charging as well, and they fill the phone’s battery in 36 minutes from zero to 10%, and the phone supports reverse charging, so you can charge some phones from it or headphones while you are abroad.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra price

The phone was officially priced abroad, as the global version, which will be released to the rest of the countries, is 12 GB RAM with 256 GB internal storage, and its price is about 1200 euros, which is equivalent to 22,000 Egyptian pounds.

Mi 11 Ultra features and disadvantages


It has a second screen that enables you to use the rear cameras in photography.
The cameras’ performance in photography is amazing and it shoots 8K videos.
The phone comes with a charger in another box for free from the company.


The weight of the phone is a bit heavy, but it is lighter than the S21 Ultra from Samsung.
The phone’s user interface is not the best yet, but the company is developing it.
The protrusion of the cameras is very large and the secondary screen is located in the back.
We are waiting for the phone to be released in Egypt to tell you about the network’s performance.