Xiaomi Poco F3 Mobile Review

Xiaomi Poco F3 Mobile

Poco F3 design

Compared to the Poco F1 phone, you will find that it was distinguished in all aspects other than the plastic design with a wide notch and a poor body, but Poco returns again with a very distinctive design in the Poco F3, which is considered one of the best designs that he used in the middle class for this year, especially the white color, which offers The back is a matte frosted anti-fingerprint that presents a sophisticated look in contrast to the glossy black color, in addition to the design of the cameras and their protrusion inspired by the leading category of Xiaomi phones. This protrusion consists of two different degrees to suggest to you that this protrusion is not huge and is one of the touches of the leading devices.

Moving to the thickness of the phone, we see 7.8 mm with a curved back from the sides to facilitate the grip, which is considered an excellent thickness, as for the weight, we find 198 grams and is considered heavy with a plastic frame and is considered a sacrifice as well, but in general, the phone offers a very good design and negligible defects for its price category.

Poco F3 Screen Experience

Mobile F3 offers a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with FHD resolution with support for HDR10 technology, the screen is covered with a Gorilla Glass 5 protection layer.

The phone reaches a brightness of 700nits on auto-brightness, which is close to 800nits on the Samsung A52 and Samsung A72 phones.

In addition to the screen’s support for high frequency up to 120Hz in an adaptive manner, the screen adapts according to the displayed content to show an appropriate number of frequencies so as not to consume the battery unhelpfully.

As for the actual experience, the screen will provide you with a very good performance in watching videos and browsing. It will provide you with the required AMOLED screen experience with high frequency normally without any dazzles.

The screen also comes with two features based on artificial intelligence, the first is to convert normal SDR content to HDR content, and the second is to convert low-frequency content to high-frequency content to feel more smooth, these features are activated from the screen section of settings, in addition to activating the video feature Tool Box so you can use these features.

Audio experience in F3

The mobile comes with stereo headphones and provides a very good sound that does not have any problems, in addition to the sound of the headset and the microphone for calls, I did not encounter any problems or defects during the experiment.

F3 supports Dolby Atmos, with the Sound Assistant feature giving you separate control over the sound of each app.

But here we find the absence of the 3.5mm headphone jack

Calls and Networking Experience

F3 offers the Google Calls application, so it does not support automatic call recording, but calls can be recorded after informing and alerting the other party that the call will be recorded.

The phone supports two SIM cards with support for fifth-generation networks and fourth-generation networks on two SIM cards with the VoLTE feature, the phone does not support the installation of a memory card.

The network experience was normal, it was not bad and it was not distinct from the competitors. For example, the regular Xiaomi note 10 phone offers a more distinctive network.

Camera specifications and actual experience

48-megapixel primary camera with f/1.79. lens slot
A second 8-megapixel camera for wide-angle photography, f / 2.2 lens slot, with a shooting angle of 119 degrees
Finally, a 5-megapixel telephoto lens
On the front, a 20-megapixel selfie camera with f/2.45. lens slot
4K shooting on the rear camera
The presence of OIS optical stabilization in the rear camera
Support for night photography in the selfie camera
Movies affect feature for shooting short videos with some modification and additions
actual experience
The primary camera will provide you with good photography in daylight, but in full, the camera will provide less performance than competitors, such as the A52 and A72, and is also considered less than the Mi 11 Lite, this decline appears more in wide-angle photography and selfie photography, especially in night photography we will find Poco F3 can’t keep up with what competitors offer in terms of capturing light and detail.

the battery

Here we find a 4520 mAh battery that provided me with 6 to 7 hours of continuous use of the phone without games with the activation of a high screen frequency of 120Hz with no activation of any power-saving mode and without games, and it is a very good number on the size of the battery, the F3 comes with a 33W charger that charges Battery in less than an hour followed.

the performance

Snapdragon 870 processor, 7nm octa-core processor, 3.2Ghz
Adreno 650. GPU
6 or 8 GB LPDDR5 RAM
128 or 256 GB UFS 3.1 internal storage space
The Snapdragon 870 processor is the improved version of the flagship processor of the past year, Snapdragon 865, so it will provide you with a very powerful experience compared to competitors in addition to its strength in other additions such as artificial intelligence, games, and other features of the leading processors.

We also find the highest types of RAM and storage spaces to give the phone the required performance without the occurrence of any Bottleneck or a deficit in one part of the phone due to the large performance difference between the processor and the rest of the capabilities.

Moving on to the actual experience, the phone gave me a special experience compared to the Poco X3 Pro, which I told you my experience with was not the best despite its powerful processor, but the opposite here, I did not encounter any problems using the phone on a daily basis, especially in the hot spot.

As for games, this is the best gaming experience in its price category among all competitors, in addition to the Game Space feature in the MIUI interface, which will give you better options to focus on games.

Interface and operating system

Poco F3 comes with MIUI 12.5 based on Android 11

I did not encounter any problems with the phone in navigating the system, so the experience was very stable, unlike what I encountered in the Poco X3 Pro phone. Here we find greater stability and greater interest in the operating interface.

  1. Interface Features in POCO F3
  2. Sensors and add-ons
  3. There is no real proximity sensor, but it is replaced by the software and works very acceptable
  4. Presence of IR Blaster
  5. The presence of NFC
  6. light sensor
  7. gyroscope sensor
  8. Fingerprint sensor with the power button
  9. No 3.5mm headphone jack
  10. No FM radio
  11. No notification light
  12. Package Content
  13. pod
  14. Screen protection affixed to the screen, ready-made
  15. Type C to 3.5mm adapter
  16. No headphones
  17. Charger and charging connector
  18. Conclusion

The Poco F3 phone provided an excellent combination and excellent performance and it is worth buying. It is certainly not a perfect phone and there is no perfect phone without flaws and compromises. The main feature of the Poco F3 is the performance that distinguishes it from all competitors.

We did not see many concessions here, the most important of which was the cameras, which are considered less than the competitors.

If we mention the competitors, we will find the Samsung A52, we will find that it offers better cameras with water and dust resistance with better software, but it will lose in performance compared to the F3 by about half in addition to less fast charging, but the A52 comes at a low price also, so the decision will be your decision according to your priorities.

One of the other competitors like Mi 10T Pro I see that it offers a better software experience and greater smoothness with better cameras and greater attention and this is what we always see in the Miseries in general, but what is lacking is the lack of an AMOLED screen, so in the end the Poco F3 phone is worth buying with attention to points The weakness that we mentioned during the review, determine your priorities and choose the right one for you.