Infinix Note 10 Pro review

Infinix Note 10 Pro

the design

As usual from the Note series from Infinix, it is very huge, here we have a very huge phone close to 7 inches and an average thickness of 7.8 mm, also the weight is not very heavy, which is a good thing for a phone of this size.

The design is not much different from the previous generation, with a completely plastic body and a shiny back with a nice pattern in the middle.

the screen

The screen here is 6.95 inches of IPS type, with a resolution of Full HD, which translates to 387 pixels per inch, and a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

As an IPS screen, it is a nice screen and not bad, certainly with options from Xiaomi and Samsung of the AMOLED type and with a high refresh rate, the screen here will be less than them, and its brightness as well.

the sound

The Infinix Note 10 Pro comes with stereo headphones that sound good, but as for the quality, it is not bad, but you feel that it is flat and has no stereo or strong base, but it is still considered an evolution from previous generations.

The mic sound is good and the headset is good.

The phone comes with the Infinix call application, which supports automatic call recording without problems, in addition to other features such as starting the call recording with a click of the fingerprint.

The phone supports two SIM cards with a separate place for external memory, and also supports 4G and VoLTE networks.

The networks, in general, were excellent and we had no problems with them.


The Infinx note 10 pro comes with a 64MP primary camera, 4K video support, and an 8MP wide-angle camera.

The selfie camera is 16 megapixels

The camera, as usual, in Infinix needs more development in terms of processing, the images here are not the best in terms of colors and Dynamic range compared to competitors.

the battery

The phone comes with a 5000 mAh battery that is easily able to provide 7 hours of screen time, and the charger that comes in the box with a capacity of 33 watts is able to charge the phone in about an hour and a half.

First, you go to the Phone master application installed in the device, then you go to the Toolbox, you will find Auto Start Management, go to it and activate the applications you need, in addition to removing the application from saving power from the application management.

the performance

The phone comes with a Mediatek Helio G95 processor with 8 GB of DDR4X RAM and 256 GB of UFS2 internal memory.

The phone offers a smooth, enjoyable and comfortable experience, with outstanding gaming performance because the Helio G series processors are dedicated to games, as we know, they carry some additions to the games we talked about earlier.

In addition to the excellent Game Turbo feature, along with the natural additions that provide control of the volume buttons to perform certain functions in some games.

In general, the performance of the phone is very satisfactory, in theory, the processor is at the level of Snapdragon 732G and in practice, it will give a smoother performance than the Xiaomi Note 10, and we can even say that the Note 10 Pro thanks to the smoother software!


This takes us to the point of the software, here is Android 11 with the XOS 7 interface, which does not bear any difference from the one in the ZERO 8 phone, the interface that provides more smoothness than the Xiaomi interface in the Note 10 and 10 Pro devices, but it does not mean that the interface is distinctive.

The dark side here is that the interface gives you a sense of cheapness when using it, for example, there are a lot of pre-installed applications and the presence of ads in the alerts and application drawer, fortunately, you have the ability to disable these ads, which I said about the previous, which means that Infinix is ​​on the right path.

There are two issues that also need to be resolved, image processing and aggressive power-saving which prevents apps from running well in the background.

In addition, the interface needs to be redesigned in a newer and superior way.

When compared to Xiaomi, we find the MIUI is very distinctive with features, but it lacks smoothness. On the other hand, we find the XOS is smooth, fast, and without bugs, but it needs more improvements in the points we mentioned


Infinix Note 10 Pro provides all the important sensors, brightness, accelerometer, and proximity that works well for calls, recordings, gyroscope, and compass

The phone is good at locating and maps but the compass needs better calibration.

The side fingerprint here is fast and accurate, as well as a faceprint that works well.


The price of the phone is expected in the range of 4000 pounds or less. The phone offers many features, most notably, of course, the storage space of 256 GB and 8 GB of RAM at this price, the processor, comfortable performance, and the large size. But the phone comes in luxury points and weakens a little, the screen is not AMOLED and the camera is not the best, and the stereo sound is less than the stereo at Xiaomi and Samsung, in addition to the software we talked about. Under the 4000, if we compare the Infinix Note 10 Pro head-to-head with the regular Xiaomi Note 10, then the Infinix is ​​better, if, with the Note 10 Pro from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi is better, if, with the A32, the performance and battery will be in favor of the Infinix, while the cameras, fun and the screen are in favor of Samsung. Therefore, it can be said that the Infinix Note 10 Pro is a very good phone, a comfortable experience, and in general, it will be suitable for game lovers, especially with a large screen, or for those who want a very large screen.