Honor band 6 review

Honor band 6

Honor band 6 Alerts

The second thing that matters to you in any band is the alerts, which you can see in Arabic here naturally, and you can drag from the bottom to show a list of all the alerts you have and you can’t respond to them, unfortunately.

This list is also not smooth to navigate as there are interruptions as you move through it, not a flaw that hinders the experience, but it should be mentioned.

Health and Sports Tracking

The third thing we care about in the band is health and sports tracking, which is the main reason to buy a band in particular.

The Honor Band 6 offers a heart rate sensor that is able to continuously measure and measure oxygen levels in the blood, as well as stress and tension, in addition to tracking sleep quality and duration.

It can be confirmed that the supernovae are accurate and reliable, whether the heartbeat or the percentage of oxygen in the blood.

The other side of health and sports tracking is to track exercises and activity. Of course, the band prepares the steps for you and has different sports patterns, for example, if you start exercising on the running tool, the band will know that you are running and start measuring your heart rate and accordingly you will know at what stage you are, and when you finish you will get On a report containing duration and number of calories, the calculation is made based on your personal data, heart rate and type of exercise.

The band also divides the period of your exercise into phases to see how long you have been exercising at a low intensity, the time you have been exercising at the maximum, and others.

There is a new feature in the Honor band 6, which is knowing the exercise automatically when you feel more activity than usual, then it suggests you exercise and whether you want to track or not, and the feature supports 6 types of exercises currently.

All this data is saved on the Huawei health app to which you connect the band, and sync with Google fit app.

The app also offers some good themes and the ability to set an image as the band’s background.

the battery

One of the most important things in the band is the battery as well, and here the band is able to provide two weeks of use, as Honor says, the charger used is the same as the Watch ES charger, which is a small magnet that sticks at points in the band and charges easily, 10 minutes of charging is enough to provide 3 days of use.

  1. Some other additions
  2. Control the audio clips
  3. Create alarms
  4. Reject incoming calls
  5. Using the band to control the phone and shoot remotely

review summary

honor band 6

The Honor Band 6 presented distinct developments from the previous generation, and currently, at a price of 835 Egyptian pounds, we think that it is an ideal and distinctive band in the absence of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 officially in Egypt so far, because we can compare, it can be said that it is the best option under 1000 Egyptian pounds and it is a better alternative for Watch ES.